Make in Odisha Conclave: Sectoral sessions on development of smart cities

Bhubaneswar: Make in Odisha Conclave 2018, the flagship biennial investors’ meet of Odisha will have sectoral sessions on the development of smart cities in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela, investment potential in tourism and establishing Odisha as a sports destination in the country.

The session on ‘Building Smart Odisha’ will provide a platform to discuss several smart next-generation initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of cities in Odisha, especially Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

The focus will be to envision cities in Odisha with a Smart Urban Mobility Plan ranging from Low Carbon Mobility Plan (LCMP) to reducing congestion by providing various technological interventions.

During the session, prominent experts from the fields of urban transportation, water & sanitation and housing will share their outlook of making a Smarter Odisha.

The key topics of discussion include Digital Transformation of Cities (Command Control Centre/City Wi-Fi/Surveillance Solutions/E-Governance), Smart Mobility (Smart Parking/Multimodal Intelligent Systems), Adequate Water Supply (24 x 7) Management including wastewater recycling and Affordable Housing- Smart and Affordable Building Solutions.

Tourism: Over recent years, Odisha has managed to change its image both nationally and globally, to some extent. The state has identified Tourism as one of the six focus sectors of the state.

37 tourism projects involving private sector investment have been approved through a single window mechanism. Out of this, 12 projects with investment proposal of around Rs 585 crore have been cleared during 2017.

The infrastructure in Shamuka project is being laid and shall soon be ready for allocation to private players which will further boost our tourism potential. Meanwhile, large hotel brands such as Taj Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, ITC Hotels and Crown Plaza have lined up plans for putting up properties in the state. To accommodate the increased flow of tourists by 2025, the State needs to ramp up hotel room capacity three-fold through public-private participation and we are focused to achieve the same.

‘Odisha – The Sporting Destination of India’ session will showcase Odisha emerging as a leader in the Sports development in the country with a vision and passion to develop the sector from grassroots to International professional competence.

The session will give an opportunity for all attendees to get a sneak-peek into the ambitious plans of the Government to bolster the sporting infrastructure, develop sports at grassroots, set up centres for excellence in the state.

The first topic is expected to generate engaging discussions around the need for centres of excellence/high-performance centres to enhance the performance of Indian Athletes and the role of different stakeholders such as private organizations, ex-sportspersons and governments in this process. The second topic of discussion will be on professional sports leagues come into the limelight.