About Us

There is no dearth of websites focused on news and current affairs in Odisha. Then, why another news website? In short, Update Odisha is here to improve the way news and information are presented.

Update Odisha would bring to the table the combined experience and expertise of some of the finest journalists in the state – both young and old – and would seek to offer a digital experience unlike any other.

Update Odisha would be primarily about Odisha, though it would also have stuff from the rest of the world. It would endeavor to cover the entire gamut of issues – politics, industry, education, art & culture, entertainment, environment, crime –from across the world, but the focus would be on the state of Odisha.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalism and would scrupulously avoid editorializing while reporting the news. Facts would be checked and rechecked till we are convinced about the veracity of a particular news item before the ‘Post’ button is clicked. While we would never hold any story back if it is in the public interest, we would never resort to a vendetta or character assassination against anyone. We would always give a person the opportunity to present his/her side of the story if it has the potential to harm his/her reputation of the institution s/he represents. But if someone still feels aggrieved, s/he can write directly to contact@updateodisha.com for redressal of the grievance.

The jurisdiction for legal disputes and litigation arising out of any story or article published on updateodisha.com would be the Bhubaneswar region (the state capital of Odisha).