containment zone in Dumduma area

Dhenkanal admin declares shutdown in Gondia block

Bhubaneswar: Dhenkanal district administration has imposed shutdown in Gondia block from August 4 to August 7 to check the spread of Coronavirus.

More than 100 Covid-19 positive cases have been detected in the Gondia block and out of which more cases are local positive cases.

In an order, Collector and District Magistrate Bhumesh Chandra Behera said that iIt is also apprehended that persons coming from adjacent districts to Gondia block may be a carrier and transmit COVID-19 to other healthy people, due to their active exposure.

He said there shall also be intensive contact tracing in the block.

“Contacts of the confirmed and suspected cases will be line-listed, tracked and kept under surveillance at home for 14 days,” said the letter.