Bhubaneswar dengue cases

Dengue scare: BMC reaches out to citizens intensifying prevention activities

Bhubaneswar: Keeping all its wings engaged for dengue prevention activities, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has reached out to its citizens today in an expanded strategy.

Team BMC divided in nine groups started intensive awareness in different pockets of its three administrative zones.

As per the instruction of Commissioner Sanjaya Kumar Singh, team members supervised sanitation works followed by dengue prevention awareness.

Concerned officers and staff members along with Swachha sathis and other volunteers started their move to the communities to counsel and sensitize on prevention behavior. 

Awareness activities covered the places like ATM Chhak area of Niladrivihar (ward 14), Tarini Basti of ward 08 and Damana hata basti near Damana Chhak in North zone.

In South West Zone, the activities covered Gandhi Basti near ID market and rental Colony Basti area. Likewise, Malisahi area of ward 41, Saheed Nagar Area and adjacent basti area and Kuli basti in ward 42 are covered under south East zone.

Home visits, counseling, source reduction, slogan and public address system were the important communication tools used to sensitise community members. Besides officilas, Swachha sathis and NGO volunteers paid home visits  and organized small group discussions.

While on movement, the awareness drive also did the source reduction activities like taking out tyres dumped by the people, draining out of water sources found to be as breeding places and on spot demonstration of regular cleaning of water containers.

The massive drive included fogging and spraying in the areas where awareness drive took place. A fogging vehicle branded with prevention messages covered tit bit of the basti areas followed by awareness drive. Besides, stagnant water spots were sprayed for destroying larva.

Messages on availability government facilities for testing and treatment, household practice, community responsibility and informing at nearby government health facilities perceiving signs and symptoms of dengue and fever cases were given during the small group discussions.