Odisha Civil Service (OCS) Exam

Good news: 2019, 2020 Odisha Civil Services candidates to get additional attempt

The Odisha government has granted one more additional compensatory attempt to appear Odisha Civil Services examination to the candidates who have appeared the test in 2019 or 2020.
On account of delay in conducting Odisha Civil Services, Combined Competitive Recruitment Examinations (CCRE) in each year during the period 2011-2014 and consequent upon introduction of UPSC pattern in the OCS Examination, it was decided by the Government in the past to allow additional compensatory attempts to appear in the OCSE-2016, OCSE-2017, OCSE-2018, OCSE-2019 andOCSE-2020 irrespective of maximum age limit of the candidates.
In spite of that, there are pressing demands from some OCS Examination aspirants to allow them additional chances to appear in the OCSE-2021 irrespective of their maximum age limit.
After careful consideration, it has been decided by the Government that notwithstanding anything contained in the Rules, the intending candidates who have appeared in OCSE-2019 or OCSE-2020 but are otherwise ineligible to appear/compete in the OCSE-2021 on account of attainment of upper age limit or exhaustion of the attempts prescribed under the Rules, shall be allowed one more additional compensatory attempt for appearing in OCSE-2021. No further attempt to appear the OCS Examination shall be allowed in future.

This shall come into force with immediate effect. The provisions of the OCS (CCRE) Rules, 1991 are being amended to the above extent separately.