Appointment of Singh as DGP unlawful: Odisha BJP

BHUBANESWAR: Senior BJP leader Bijay Mahapatra today questioned the hasty appointment of new Odisha Director General of Police K B Singh, calling it unjustified and unlawful citing a Supreme Court ruling.

He said that when K B Singh was vigilance chief he was censured in a graft case against former Odisha DGP Prakash Mishra by Odisha High Court. Therefore, the appointment of K B Singh was unjustified and unlawful. He has questioned the chief minister on the issue and asked him to reconsider his decision.

He accused that such an important post of the state was filled up in extreme haste. In 2005, UP Chief Secretary appointment case, Supreme Court had said that appointment to important and sensitive posts should be done in a transparent manner.  The post of Odisha DG was filled up in a non-transparent manner giving rise to many questions; the senior BJP leader has said.

“What was the need to appoint K B Singh as Odisha DGP in such a hurry, this had given rise to many questions? The Supreme Court has clearly said that there should be transparency in appointment of sensitive and high posts. The appointment of Odisha DG clearly violates the Supreme Court verdict; it is, therefore, unlawful and unjustified,” said Bijay Mahapatra, BJP spokesperson.

Meanwhile, BJD has refuted the allegation, calling it baseless and the appointment of a top police officer in the state being within the authority of a chief minister.

“The decision has been taken keeping in mind the seniority and capabilities of the officer.  It is a joint decision by the chief minister and his council of minister. Therefore, there is nothing unjustified or unlawful in it” said, Sameer Das, BJD spokesperson.

In a surprising reshuffle in IPS cadre, this month Director of Vigilance Kunwar Brajesh Singh was made the new Director General of Odisha Police. He superseded many senior IPS officers in the state for the coveted post.