Smart city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar tops in Smart City Social Media Campaign race

Smart City Social media Campaign

BHUBANESWAR: The Temple city of Odisha is leaving no stones unturned to get into the top 20 in Smart City list. Having a stronghold on the Smart City Social media Campaign with an amazing 52.7k page likes with 11.3k engagement this week itself, Bhubaneswar outsmarts others in the race this week with Indore following closely with 51.3k page likes and 2.3k engagement.

With a staggering 1.5 crore reach within a month, Bhubaneswar takes the lead in social media campaigning in the entire country.

“People are sharing their dreams and Bhubaneswar shall be remodelled on it. I encourage everyone to give their innovative ideas to make Bhubaneswar a smart city”, said Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena

Apart from the social media forum, a ground level press forum is to be organised where opinions will be taken and ideas discussed, said BMC Commissioner Krishan Kumar.

BMC played smart by creating an official Bhubaneswar Smart City page on Facebook. The social media is no doubt an effective tool to reach the masses.

“Only 20 cities will be shortlisted for smart city project this year and they will be selected on the votes given by residents. Citizens are bombarding their suggestions on how to make their city smart and we are actively posting it online for others to share and vote it”, said Pratik Mohapatra who heads Prelude Digital, an extension of city-based media company Prelude that drives Bhubaneswar’s Official Social Media Campaign.

With contests like Capture Bhubaneswar and Cover Photo Campaign, the online campaign is a continuous effort to engage maximum citizens and voters.

Considering the entire population of the capital city, if only 30 percent of it votes, Bhubaneswar will remain in league with a place amongst the top 10 Smart City list, added deputy mayor K Shanti.