NHRC Seeks Report Over Rape Cases By Police In Odisha

BHUBANESWAR: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sought a detailed report from Director General of Police (DGP) over rape and molestation cases by police in Odisha.

Acting on a complaint by rights campaigner Subash Mohapatra, NHRC sought processed and compiled a report from DGP within four weeks covering details of all such cases which occurred during one year starting from October 2012.

Through its proceedings of April 15 of the year 2014, the rights body had directed DGP to submit a consolidated report on the subject.

“The needful has not been done till date and individual reports are being sent to the Commission by the SPs of the districts concerned. Now the DGP, Odisha, is again directed to submit a consolidated compilation of the cases which occurred during one year starting from 31 October 2012”, said the rights body in its latest order.

Further, the Commission has taken note of the non-compliance of the order and categorically said that the SPs should not send the individual report and directed to follow specifically prescribed format by the rights body.

Mohapatra said, “The apex right body caught the Odisha police in red hand as it was engaged in diluting and suppressing the material of facts and circumstances where their own staff, who are meant to provide security and protection, are found that they have committed the heinous crime of rape and molestation of women”.

Mohapatra had stated in the petition that 44 incidents of rape and outrage of modesty of women cases by policemen were officially registered between 2009 and 2013.