Automated Driving Test Soon In Odisha Capital City

BHUBANESWAR: The driving testing process in the capital city of Odisha will be automated within six months, informed a transport department official on Wednesday.

Additional transport commissioner Sameer Kumar Panigrahi said that they would automate the driving testing process here within six months to reduce manual interference and for unbiased results.

Automated Driving Test Soon In Odisha Capital City
Image: indiatvnews

Panigrahi informed it while inaugurating the serpentine track for two-wheeler applicants, and gradient track for four-wheeler applicants at driving test track in Chandrasekharpur. Panigrahi inaugurated the two tracks in the presence of RTO-II in charge Sanjay Behera, and RTO I in-charge Lal Mohan Shethy.

“There are separate tracks for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Applicants for two-wheeler licences will have to drive on a narrow serpentine track while applicants for four-wheeler licences will have to take the vehicle up to a gradient of 30 degrees without reversing the wheels,” Behera said.

“We will also install CCTV cameras at the driving test track here so that if any applicant fails to clear the process he can see the CCTV footage of his test,” he added.

The RTO-II in-charge also said they would provide two-day first-aid training classes to RTO and traffic department officials starting June 6.