Woman Lodges Cheating Case Against Live-in-Partner In Odisha

ROURKELA: A 30-year woman in Odisha’s Sundargarh has lodged a cheating case against her live-in-partner for having relation with another woman.

According to police, her live-in-partner has left her and their 14-month-old daughter and is now living with his new lover in Mumbai.

Besides, he has taken Rs 4.50  lakh from her account, said police.

The woman has lodged an FIR with Talsara police, who are investigating into the matter.

Sources said Sushila Kujur (30), a resident of Kiralaga Patiaora village under the Talsara police station, had developed a relationship with Amar Kumar Malik (35), a resident of Rajkanika, Kendrapada in Mumbai in 2012.

In December 2014, Sushila along with Amar came to latter’s house in Kendrapada and started living there. She gave birth to a girl in the same year.

After that, Amar and Sushila went to Kirlaaga to Sushila’s house and stayed there.

During their stay at Sushila’s parents’ house, when villagers came to know about Sushila’s live-in-relationship with Amar,  a meeting was held at the village where Amar had assured that he would marry Sushila.

After staying there for three days, Amar went to Cuttack to do pipeline work. Some days later,  Sushila along with her daughter went to Cuttack and stayed there in a rented house until November 2015. However, in December 2015, Amar suddenly disappeared.

Sushila came to know that Amar has gone to Mumbai and was living there with another woman, who is a  resident of  Rajkanika, with whom he was in love.

Sushila also  could know  that   Amar had   withdrawn  Rs.4.50 lacs from  her account  as he  had taken her  ATM  card with him.