Rajya Sabha Polls: Three BJD Candidates Millionaires

Rajya Sabha Polls: Three BJD Candidates Are Millionaires

BHUBANESWAR: Three senior BJD leaders Prasanna Acharya, Bishnu Das and N Bhaskar Rao, who on Monday filed their nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha elections in Odisha are millionaires.

According to the affidavit filed by the candidates before the Returning Officer (RO), all the three BJD candidates are the man of crores.

N Bhaskar Rao topped the candidates with possessing around Rs 36 crore of movable and immovable assets.

The affidavit filed by Rao states that he has Rs 29.84crore immovable property and 3.52crore movable property in his name. Besides, Rao’s spouse also has an immovable asset of around 2.5crore and movable assets of Rs 68 lakh is her name.

Rao is followed by Prassana Acharya, the former Finance Minister. Acharya, who held several portfolios in Naveen Patnaik’s ministry in past several years, has Rs 4.47 crore immovable properties and Rs 80.91lakh movable assets in his name.

He lost to Congress MLA in 2014 Assembly elections.

Another former minister Bishnu Das from industrial district Jagatsinghpur has immovable assets of Rs 1.29 crore and movable assets of Rs 13.73 lakh in his name.

Das also admitted that a case is pending against him in his affidavit filed before the returning officer. Other two leaders have no case against them.