Tourism, Industrial Development With Aid Of Cooperative

Tourism, Industrial Development With Aid Of Cooperative

KORAPUT: Cooperative societies will extend their support and cooperation towards tourism and industrialization through technological development. This is the new outcome of the recent exposure visit of the Cooperative directors to Singapore and Bailey.

A team of 12 directors of different co-operative societies of the state paid a 4-day visit to Singapore and Bailey. The team members learned the new ways of social reformation through small and micro level Industrialization. Social development through tourism is emphasized at both the places Singapore and Bailey. In both the countries, cooperatives organizations are giving maximum financial assistance to these sectors.

So now in India, co-operative organizations will focus on the development of tourism and industrialization in the concerned regions, said the Directors. In Odisha. Koraput is the main point of focus in tourism.

Koraput is rich of tropical rain forests. Many tourist places attract hundreds of foreigners and local every year. Many tribes of the region live on it by selling their local products too. Keeping this in view, the Koraput Central Co-operative Bank Limited is now going to give maximum emphasize on tourism and developments of micro level industries, said Dr. Indira Nanda, the president of the Bank.

He is one of the members of the delegation team.

“During the visit, we saw many units as production-cum-exhibition-cum-sale units of their local products. All the units are growing with the help of co-operative societies, and the units are not only helping the people to grow economically but also are gaining ample revenue to the country regarding foreign currency” said Dr. Nanda.