All departments to use social media in Odisha
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Odisha Govt Asks Colleges To Join Social Media

BHUBANESWAR: The higher education department of Odisha government has asked all junior, degree, Sanskrit, vocational and autonomous colleges in the state to open their Facebook pages and Twitter handle to reach out the students and parents in the state.

“As you know, social media such as Facebook and Twitter has come to every nook and corner of the state. It is very popular and used by young people and students. Therefore, the higher education department is planning to reach the students, parents, citizens and colleges through social media,” said higher education additional secretary PK Das in a letter to heads of all higher secondary institutions, recently.

The government has also directed the college authorities including admission-in-charges, validation team members, data entry operators, help desk-in-charges and college students to open accounts on the social media.

A request has been made to like the Facebook page of the department and to follow the Twitter handle. Recently, the higher education department has opened its Facebook page (www, and Twitter handle.