Niranjan Sticks To His Rat Analogy

BHUBANESWAR: Senior Congress leader and former PCC president Niranjan Patnaik has stuck to his statement to the media that rats,  who were wrecking the Congress party from the inside, need to be shown the door.

“All political parties are now full of a bunch of people who view politics as a way of making money; these people have no other known source of income or earning and have used politics to amass wealth.  They have nothing to do with the party ideology or the spirit of public service and take all political decisions only out of greed. These are people for whom making money and personal agenda come before the party ideology or organisational interest.”

“I am not opposed to people engaging in genuine business and professional activities and earning money through it in an honest way, paying taxes and employing people. That is entrepreneurship that all societies respect.”

“Politics has become an investment of money for a return like any other businesses.”

“These rats must be purged if parties are to regain their role as institutions defined by ideology and the spirit of public service.”