India can be role model in health care: Dr Aravind Srinivasan

Bhubaneswar: India can be a role model in health care system as the basic value system of the country is complementary to health care, said Dr. Aravind Srinivasan, Director ( Projects) of Aravind Eye Care System.

Dr. Drinivasan said that India as a country proved its potentiality in IT and ITES sectors in recent years.

He added, “There was a time 50 years ago in the country when poverty led to illness. Today the matrix has changed and now illness leads to poverty. Some days of illness requiring costly treatment takes away the savings of some years or even the entire life”.

Speaking on the topic “ Healthcare with Humanity- Lessons learned from World’s Largest Eye Hospital”,  Dr. Srinivasan further said around 80% of the blindness is treatable and curable.

He emphatically pointed out that building collaboration, setting the benchmark both in terms of quality and quantity, relentless pursuit to execution and building a service-oriented value system are the key to success in the healthcare.

Dr. Srivasan said that all the service providers both from Govt and private sectors should work together to deliver the best in any worst situation.

He further said, “Govt of Odisha has shown a clear-cut intention of starting the collaborative efforts in the right direction and I am sure that in 10 years from now Odisha would be a model that people would write and talk.”

Responding to another query from media, Development Commissioner R. Balakrishnan said, “Aravind Eye Hospital is one of the largest eye care hospital in the world.  The hospital has made a successful model by combining the volume with values in the eye care”.

Odisha government has been working with NGO, civil society and leading service providers like Lions club, Rotary club etc to fight out blindness from the state, said Balakrishnan.