Choreography in Manipuri, Odissi mesmerise audience at Konark Festival

Bhubaneswar: The connoisseurs of dance experience an unforgettable taste of devotion and elegance in the fourth evening of Konark Festival in the Open-Air Auditorium on Monday.

Renowned artiste of Manipur style, Bimbabati Devi with her artistes of Manipuri Nartanalaya had the start with Kathokchaba an offering to the Lord, Guru and to the august audience. The dance depicted the grace and beauty of Lord Krishna and his dance recital.

The next item, Saajat enumerated the gaits of various animals and birds in a picturesque way. This was followed by Mahashakti describing the undying energy and power of Goddess Jagaddhatri. The next composition was Vasanta inspired by the advent of spring as described in Geeta Govinda of Sri Jayadev.

The Manipuri dance recital was concluded with Jaya Jaya Deva Hare, an item portraying the traditional clap dance seen in Rathayatra in Manipur.

In the next turn, Daksha Mashruwala and artistes of Kaishiki came onto the stage with Mangalacharan and invocatory item to Nabagraha. Mangalacharan gave way to Pallavi the Pure dance in Odissi which was followed by Odia Abinaya Ahe Nila Sahila a Prayer to Lord Jagannath by devotional poet Salabega. The concluding item was Basanta, depicting the advent o the spring season, the season of joy and celebration.

The Sand Art festival was seen pulling the crowd in large number today.