Konark Festival 2023

Konark Festival 2023: Kuchipudi, Odissi showcased on 2nd day

Konark: Day two of the Konark Festival 2023 witnessed the classical drama-dance form Kuchipudi followed by Odissi. After the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Director General of Police, Odisha Sunil Kumar Bansal, the 2nd day of Konark Festival saw mesmerising performances by artists.

The first set of performances saw Guru Jayarama Rao & Group from Kuchipudi Dance Academy, New Delhi performing dance recitals OMKARAM, DASHAVATARAM and DURGA TARANGAM. The Dashavataram dance enumerated ten incarnations of Lord Krishna namely (1) Matsya, the Fish form; (2) Kurma, the form of  Tortoise; (3) Varaha, the gigantic Boar; (4) Narasimha, the Man and lion in one form; (5) Vamana, the Dwarf; (6) Parasurama – the warrior and ascetic; (7) Rama – Icon of Justice and righteousness; (8) Balarama – Armour of Yadus; (9) Buddha – messenger of peace and humanity; and (10) Kalki  – the reviver of the present time. DURGA TARANGAM was preceded by a shloka and followed by the dance on the edges of the brass plate symbolizing the union of Atma and Paramatma.

The second half of the show witnessed enchanting Odissi performances by Ranjana Gauhar and Group from Utsav Educational and Cultural Society, New Delhi. The troupe performed SAKSHATKAR-Manifestation of the Divine and PALLAVI. Conceptualised and choreographed by Guru Ranjana Gauhar, the recitals showcased the beauty of Orissan temple sculptures and Nandikeshwara’s “Abhinaya Darpan” in praise of Lord Shiva.

The diverse and spellbinding performances showcased the finesse and beauty of classical dance traditions, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. The presence of esteemed art connoisseurs and  tourists at the Konark Festival stands as a testament to the event’s allure and its ability to resonate with a diverse audience, promoting Odisha’s cultural heritage.

During the day, intricate sand artistry came to life at the 13th International Sand Art Festival on themes of “Eco Tourism and Environment”. 

Secretary GOI SCL Das and Member of Lokpal of India, New Delhi Archana Ramasundaram, Retd IPS Officer & Chairman Odisha Staff Selection Commission Abhay and Director Tourism Sachin R. Jadhav were also present on the occasion.