AIIMS Bhubaneswar students dance performance

Video: AIIMS-Bhubaneswar students’ dance performance for social cause

Bhubaneswar: They are not only brilliant students but also excellent performers. Around 60 young boys and girls, all medical students from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Bhubaneswar, recently performed on different dance numbers, in the open space right in front of the BMC Bhawani mall.

They were performing for a social cause-spreading awareness on road safety.  The students were performing a flash mob on road safety theme at BMC Bhawani mall premises with support from Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre of BDA.

The dance performances of the AIIMS-Bhubaneswar students were well appreciated by the people who stopped for a while to enjoy the dance moves of the students.

The students performed on popular Bollywood dance numbers such as Swag se Karenge Sabka Swagat …, Dhoom Dhoom .. , Baddameez dil … etc. while simultaneously enacting role play of common road safety and traffic violations.