Iron ore transportation hit in Sundargarh as truckers take to streets

Bhubaneswar: Tripper and truck owners of Bonei in Odisha’s Sundargarh district resorted to an indefinite strike on Friday demanding an increase in the rate of transportation cast of iron ore from mines to different destination points.

Due to the strike, transportation of iron ore has been severely hit in the district.

The Tripper and Truck Owners’ Association, Bonai had been demanding an increase transportation cost citing that they have been suffering heavy loss due to low freight rate.

“While fuel prices have increased, the freight rate needs to be increased proportionately. Though we have approached the authorities umpteen times, we are yet to get our demand met,” said a member of the association.

“We have been forced to keep our vehicles off the road. We will continue our strike until our demand has not been met,” he informed.