Ailing elephant found dead in Kamakhyanagar

Kamakhyanagar: An ailing elephant was found dead in Patharkhamb village under Kamakhyanagar West (KNW) Forest Range in Dhenkanal district on Saturday.

The ailing tusker was under treatment by the Veterinary officials.

After getting the information, the forest officials reached the spot.

KNW Ranger Bibhudanand Mishra said the elephant was found dead near the foothills of Landabir hill.

The pachyderm was 40 at the time of death, he added.

Notably, the elephant was spotted in critical condition by forest officials near Landabir hill on July 29. The forest officials had rescued it by firing tranquillizers and treated the wounds on the body of the elephant.

Though the tusker had been released into the forest after required medication at that time, it was under constant observation by forest officials due to an ongoing treatment.

According to locals, the tusker frequently barged into the villages in search of food. It has also killed several people in the area.