Niranjan attacks BJP, BJD over fuel price hike

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Niranjan Patnaik on Tuesday attacked the BJP-led central government and BJD-led state government over the fuel price hike.

He said while the petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing and the common people are being burnt in that unusual price-hike fire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is playing flute and making merry like the Rome Emperor Nero.

He said BJD government in the state has become dormant and it has no courage to stand against the BJP.

But that fire will destroy both the parties, said Niranjan.

“Petrol and diesel price in the country is rising every day in an unusual manner. But Govt. of India is not including it in GST. BJP govt at centre has planned to spend the huge profit from fuel price hike in the coming General Election and purchase votes,” said Patnaik.

He said the common people will not let them achieve this as they are heavily burdened with the price hike of fuel and other basic commodities.

“At that time the then UPA govt at centre tried its best to keep the price rise under control by adjusting tax structure. But BJP govt is not at all concerned and is busy making the profit at the expense of the common man,” said the PCC president.