Sexual harassment charges against MBC TV executives

Sexual harassment charges against MBC TV executives

Bhubaneswar: Sexual harassment charges have been brought against MBC TV senior executives by a woman employee of the Odia television channel.

According to an FIR filed with the Mahila Police Station of Bhubaneswar, a copy of which is with Update Odisha,  the woman employee has filed complaints against six senior executives of the company including the channel head Biswanath Satpathy and news head Pravakar Dalai.

She has alleged in the FIR that while the channel head was sexually harassing her five others were intimidating her while working in the channel.

In the FIR, she told the police that Biswanath Satpathy, the chief executive officer (CEO) of MBC TV, had made sexual advances several times by promising to make her anchor in the news channel.

The woman was threatened to be sacked from the job after she denied to agree with the proposal, the complainant said in the FIR.

She has mentioned that five others ganged up against her to remove her from the job. According to her, the MBC TV Input Editor Pravakar Dalai, programme head Kailash Panda, HR executives Rajaram Satpathy, Bajrang Satpathy, and Sushree  Sangeeta Sahoo misbehaved with her at the behest of the CEO.

MBC TV sources said that the woman employee was aggrieved as she was given one month notice for termination of her job.

She has filed the complaint in the police station the next day she was served with the notice.

Her allegations were false and fabricated. The allegation that she was asked for sexual favour by promising anchor jobs is not at all true. She was anchoring in the TV channel for the last over six months. So where is the question of promising her anchor job seeking sexual favour? All her allegations are not based on truth, asserted the sources.