Demon of corruption has become powerful in Odisha: Modi

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday attacked the Naveen Patnaik-led Odisha government alleging that the “demon of corruption” has become powerful in the state.

“What is the reason that from chit fund to PC culture, the demon of corruption has become so powerful in Odisha? Who is feeding the demon?” asked the Prime Minister at a rally in Khurda.

Virtually sounding a poll bugle in Odisha, which will face general and assembly polls simultenously, Modi alleged that inefficiency and corruption has kept the state backward despite assistance from the Centre.

“The Centre has launched a slew of project and spent huge funds for Odisha’s development, but despite all these, the state is lagging behind,” said Modi.

“After all, why have the farmers of Odisha been seeking water, why are they not getting suitable procurement? Why is the big part of Odisha not getting safe drinking water? Why do the teachers here have to stage demonstration to get their salaries?” asked the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said people are realising there is a wave for change to take the state to a new path of progress and development.

He alleged that the state government has failed to fulfil the 2014 election promise to provide irrigation facilities to additional 10 lakh hectare of land.