Highlights of Interim Budget 2019 for East Coast Railway

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) has received Rs 7010 crore in the Interim Union Budget for 2019-20.

The ECoR tried to collect some basic data related to this year’s Interim Budget provisions for East Coast Railway in particular and for Odisha in general.

Some highlights

1. A new line has been sanctioned for Talcher and Angul (14.5 km). Total sanction of the project is estimated of Rs 278 crore.

2. Total allotment of funds for East Coast Railway, overall is Rs 7010 crores. This is 13% more than last year. This includes all budgetary heads including Projects, Electrifications, Passenger Amenities, Workshops, Track, Staff Amenities, etc.

3. Allotment for New Lines this year is 2630 crores which is 67% more than the last year. 4. The allotment for Passenger Amenities is Rs 181 Crores while it was 82 crores last year, an increase of 119 % more than last year.