Coal crisis at NTPC’s Kaniha unit due to strike at MCL’s mines

Bhubaneswar:  Power generation at NTPC’s Kaniha unit has affected due to coal crisis.

The coal supply to Kaniha unit from Kaniha Open Cast Project (KOCP) of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has been stopped since August 18 due to a strike by villagers at mines end.

Notably, NTPC Talcher Kaniha generation was severally hit due to stoppage of coal supply for almost two weeks following an accident at Bharatpur Mines on July 23.

 NTPC-Kaniha was severely affected leading to the shutdown of four units and generated about 600 MW with two remaining units relying on left out yard stock and railway coal receipts.

 After the strike was called off from Talcher Coal Mines on August 7, the station started getting coal from Lingaraj Mines and Kaniha OCP and the situation improved partially. Still, the station is running in critical condition, as there is no buildup of coal in stockyard. 

 However, due to the ongoing strike at Kaniha OCP, coal availability situation has been severely affected and may lead to progressive shutdown of units, which will affect the power super supply to various states including Odisha.