Trisha kar Madhu

Post private MMS leak, Trisha Kar Madhu returns to Instagram

Mumbai: Days after popular Bhojpuri actress Trisha kar Madhu’s private MMS went viral on social media, the actress has made a comeback to the social networking platform Instagram today.

Recently, one of Trisha Kar Madhu’s MMS was leaked on social media, after which she had distanced herself from social networking sites. Trisha has made a comeback on Instagram and shared a reel, which has gone viral again.

Madhu shared the reel on Instagram and wrote, “I am thankful to all those people who left me in bad times, because they believed that I can deal with troubles alone.”

Trisha further wrote, “This is my real ID. Today, after so many days, I want to join you again with a lot of courage. I will not say much else because I believe that every question is not answered with empty word.”

Recently, an MMS video of Trisha was leaked. In this MMS video, Madhu is seen spending private time with her alleged boyfriend. After the video leaked, Madhu took to social media to warn people who made the video viral on the internet.

However, she did not clarify who shot the video and how it reached social media.