Kusum Tete seeks strict adherence of traffic rules on Sundergarh-Balinga road

Kusum Tete urges to improve Sundergarh-Balinga road condition

Bhubaneswar: Sundargarh MLA Kusum Tete has requested the district collector to take appropriate action to improve the traffic control for avoiding accidents and improve the condition of Sundargarh-Balinga road.

In a letter to the district collector, she also requested for complete stoppage of plying vehicles on the road passing through the Kanika village.

Road condition of Sundergarh-Balinga road has become very worst due to heavy plying of MCL’s coal loading trucks.

She informed that several meetings organized in past to solve the problems but there has been no improvement in the situation.

The MLA requested the collector to implement zero accident rule in the said road.

She called for limiting speed for the coal-laden trucks to 10 km per hour and have an arrangement of CCTV at major locations to keep a watch on erring drivers.

Total stoppage of overloading, mandatory tarpaulin cover for all coal-carrying trucks and regular checking on drunken drivers are few suggestions she gave to the district collector through the letter.

She informed that compensation as per proceedings are not adequate and not implemented properly.

She also called for immediate repair of potholes on the road.

The Sundergarh MLA reminded the collector of the fact about the meeting held in 2016 between local people, Collector and MCL representatives.

Chairman of the meeting instructed all parties to follow a few rules. One of them is about compensation. As per the meeting, compensation should be paid to the family in death case as well as injured person.

In the death case, the meeting had decided to pay an exgratia of Rs 3 lakh to the deceased family. The compensation amount will be borne by transporter and companies. And in that meeting, MCL was instructed to contribute 50 paise per ton to Red Cross Society.