RTOs asked to suspend DL for drunken driving

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has directed Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) for taking stringent action against drunken driving by suspending their driving license (DL).

“The RTOs have been directed to be strict in suspending the DL of the drivers detected for drunken driving.  The police are also arresting the drivers for drunken driving and recommending the suspension of DL to the RTOs,” tweeted the State Transport Authority (STA).

The STA has also issued a letter to all RTOs in this regard.

“The Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety is reviewing the DL suspension activity of the State on a quarterly basis. The Committee has also directed for 100% suspension of the DLs against the cases detected which are liable for suspension. In this regard time to time directions have been issued from this office for 100% suspension of DLs in the SARATHI database against the cases detected,” said the letter.

It also asked the RTOs to furnish the reasons for not suspending the DLs forwarded by the police for suspension.

In the letter, it has been pointed out that while 334 e-challans have been issued for drunken driving cases by the RTOs and 496 DLs have been forwarded by the different police districts (as per the information provided by the Crime Branch) to the concerned RTOs for suspension of DLs in drunken driving cases in September 2019.