Filmmaker Manmohan Mahapatra passes away

Bhubaneswar: Noted Odia filmmaker and director Manmohan Mahapatra passed away at a private hospital on Monday, said sources.

He was 69.

Mahapatra was admitted at SUM Hospital here, sources added.

Recently, Mahapatra received the best director award for Odia film ‘Bhija Matira Swarga’.

His film ‘Niraba Jhada’ had received a national award.

His other films are Sita Rati, Klanta Aparanha, and Bhija Matira Swarga.

Manmohan Mahapatra’s films have won nine (9) National Awards and also many major State Film Awards.

His first film Seeta Raati made in 1976 was the first Odia film to be screened at the international film festival in 1982. It won him the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Odia.