Over 2.5 lakh migrants return Odisha by Shramik Special Trains

Bhubaneswar: More than 2.5 lakh passengers returned to Odisha through Shramik Special Trains till 12th June, informed the East Coast Railway (ECoR) on Saturday.

East Coast Railway has handled about 558 Shramik Special Trains from its jurisdiction from 1st Week of May, 2020.

Out of the above number of Shramik Special Trains, ECoR has received 238 Shramik Special Trains in its jurisdiction. 14 Shramik Special Trains were sent from ECoR jurisdiction towards different places including one from Sambalpur, two from Bhubaneswar and rest from Visakhapatnam.

Out of the above 235 Shramik special trains to Odisha, almost half of them received from Gujrat.

Special Shramik Trains have also been received from Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi and Maharastra.

About 306 Shramik Special Trains also passed safely through ECoR jurisdiction which were provided meals, water and other services at different Stations in ECoR.

 Standard Social Distancing guidelines are being followed when receiving or sending passengers at Stations in ECoR jurisdiction by making queues and making circles marked all along the platforms. This is being done in close coordination with State Government.

East Coast Railway is providing Food packets and water bottles for the passengers of all Shramik Special Trains going to various States with the help of IRCTC in ECoR jurisdiction. Till 6th June, 2020; about 10 lakh food packets with water bottles have been provided to the passengers of Shramik Special Trains.

Hygiene protocols in view of spread of COVID-19 disease being observed by ECoR at various Stations when handling Shramik Special Trains. Arrangements have been made to check the health condition of the passengers at Stations when receiving and sending to their destinations.