Apsara Rani
Image: Twitter/Ram Gopal Varma

Odisha girl Apsara Rani in RGV’s Thriller

Bhubaneswar: Apsara Rani, an Odisha born actress, is set to play the lead role in Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film ‘Thriller’.

RGV introduced his new heroine Apsara Rani aka Anketa Maharana through a series of tweets.

Ram Gopal Varma changed her name from Anketa Maharana to Apsara Rani in the movie Thriller.

RGV announced that Apsara is going to be the heroine of his next film THRILLER which is a follow up after the success of CLIMAX and NAKED.

Apsara is from Odisha, born and brought up in the hills of Dehradun and presently lives in Hyderabad. She is an excellent dancer and an even better actor, he added.

She has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry. She has worked in popular movies like Oollalla Oollalla, 4 Letters.

“Never even thought of Odisha as a talent pool for film industry..But going by @apsara_rani_ coming from there, both the rest of the country and Odisha itself should seriously look at Odisha,” tweeted RGV.