High drama! Youth attempts to kill mother before Odisha Assembly

Bhubaneswar: A high drama unfolded in front of the Odisha Assembly near Lower PMG here on Thursday after a youth held her mother hostage at knife point.

However, the police overpowered the youth and rescued the woman.

The youth has been identified as Jitendra Pal of Nayagarh district.

He threatened to slit his mother’s throat with a knife in front of the Assembly giving a headache to the police personnel deployed for the security for the monsoon session of the state Assembly.

The youth was holding some leaflets and leveling charges of corruption against some ministers.

“He is my son. Today, he asked me to accompany him to hospital. Later, he brought me to this place and grabbed me by neck,” said the woman.

Following the incident, the Commissionerate Police clarified that the youth who held his mother hostage has known psychiatric ailments.

The youth has been sent to Psychiatry Department of SCB.

“A youth, with known psychiatric ailments, held her mother hostage outside the security perimeter of the State Assembly. Police Officers patiently dealt with the hostage situation & safely rescued the mother,” tweeted the Commissionerate Police.

The police said that there has been no security breach.