Abhay appointed new Odisha DGP

Record 1054 quintals of Ganja seized in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: DGP Abhay on Tuesday informed that over 1054 quintals of Ganja have been seized in Odisha this year till September 30.

He said this is highest record seizure by the state police in any year.

The maximum seizure of Ganja (cannabis) has been made from Koraput (413.14 quintals), Malkangiri (240.66 quintals) and Gajapati (126.58 quintals).

“Action against drug trafficking has remained among the highest priorities of Odisha government. Accordingly, Odisha Police has accelerated concerted drive against brown sugar and Ganja/Cannabis during the current year,” said the DGP.

The average seizure of cannabis in the last 10 years is 312 quintal. An average of 414 quintals of Ganja has been seized in the last five years.

Abhay said for the last couple of years Odisha Police have been using ISRO’s data shared by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to various agencies across the country to launch a crackdown on the illegal Ganja and Poppy cultivation.

“The satellite mapping of Poppy cultivation has been stabilised in the last 10 years for which we are able to get accurate information. As Ganja mapping is a recent one, it will take some more time to get pinpoint data. Once it is done, we will be able to carry out drives with much precision,” said Abhay.