cancer patient recovers from Covid-19

90-year-old cancer patient recovers from Covid-19 in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A 90-year-old cancer patient, who was infected with Covid-19 and admitted to the SUM Covid Hospital for treatment, has defeated the dreaded disease.

Muralidhar Satpathy was undergoing treatment for throat cancer since March when he was found to be Covid-19 positive on October 10.

He was rushed to the SUM Covid Hospital where the treating team focused attention on his condition.

In ten days time, Satpathy who was on liquid diet at the time of his admission to the hospital, recovered successfully and was discharged on Tuesday.

His victory over Covid-19 has sent out a positive message to the victims of the pandemic reinforcing the view that senior citizens with co-morbidities infected by the virus could be nursed back to health with focused treatment.

Satpathy is in a league of several elderly persons above the age of 80 years who have successfully conquered the disease after being treated at the SUM Covid Hospital.

“The dedicated manner in which the treating medical team took care of the patient has led to his recovery,” Sabyasachi Mishra, a relative, said.