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MCL creates potential seeding opportunity for farmers

Sambalpur: Farmers have been increasingly using hybrid seeds owing to high yielding, disease-resistant and climate-tolerant characteristics.

However, in some cases, hybrid seed loses its quality during reproduction. This forces a farmer buy hybrid seeds every year resulting in financial burden. The answer to farmer’s woes lies in indigenous seeds which maintain the same quality year after year.

Realising the conundrum, MCL has come up with a pioneering project under its CSR for assisting the marginalised farmers grow, conserve and bank indigenous seeds. 

Partnering with MCL in this noble venture is ‘Gram Samriddhi Trust’, a voluntary organisation working in the field of agricultural development.

Named as ‘Desi Beej Ghar’, the project will provide support for cultivation & preservation of indegenous seeds, and create an eco-system for marketing the product to fellow farmers through seed bank.

Farmers will grow high quality seeds following scientific standards under the guidance of seed science experts. Seed banks will be established which will be operated by seed growers.

The project will be implemented in Hemgir block, Sundargarh district. Overall 200 farmers will be provided training on mechanisms for preservation of indigenous seeds.

A Memorandum of Agreement for the project has been signed between MCL and Gram Samriddhi Trust on December 28 in the presence of Director (Personnel).