BDA’s New Year gift! No building plans for low-risk building

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has given a New Year gift to the people who wish to construct a house on a small plot under its jurisdiction in the Capital City as the authority has notified standard building plans for low-risk building category on Friday.

Now, the process has become almost effortless, requires fewer documents and completely hassle-free for landowners planning to construct their dream home.

As per the said provision, the plot owners having a standard size residential plots in an approved Layout or Government Residential Scheme plots of BDA, G.A. Department or OSHB or on a final plot in Town Planning Scheme are not required to wait for any building plan approval and they can construct their buildings as per Standard Building Plan only after submitting a form in BDA/BMC office with specified fees.

In pursuance with sub-rule (1) of Rule 6 of Odisha Development Authorities (Planning & Building Standards) Rules, 2020, BDA has notified 104 numbers of Standard building plans of low-risk building category for different standard size residential plots. The same will be available in BDA website

The standard building plans are prepared considering different plot sizes in approved layouts, such as 25 ft. X 40 ft., 30 ft. X 50 ft., 40 ft. X 60 ft., etc. where building plan approvals will not be required and landowners will only have to furnish an undertaking in BDA/BMC.

“This has been prepared for the benefit of the people who can start construction work after depositing the necessary fees and an undertaking. As they do not require plan approval for the building, so they do not have to come to BDA or BMC office anymore. Besides, it will eliminate man to man interaction, which will help in saving their precious time and effort,” said Prem Chandra Chaudhary, Vice-Chairman, BDA.

The Odisha Development Authority (Planning & Building Standards) Rules, 2020 prescribes provision in respect of Standard Building Plans, wherein no prior approval shall be required for undertaking construction in an approved plot as per Standard Building Plan notified by the Authority, subject to following conditions: –

(i) The building shall be a low risk building, i.e building which confirms to following criteria.

a. The plot shall be a standard-size residential plot which is either a part of the layout approved by Bhubaneswar Development Authority or a
part of any Residential scheme plots allotted by BDA or Housing Board or G.A. Department; or a final plot in Town Planning Scheme /Development Scheme by BDA;

b. Size of the plot shall not be more than 500 Square meters;

c. Height of the building shall not be more than 10 meters and without a basement;

(ii) The plot shall also confirm to the following conditions:

a. Where approval of DP&BP committee is not required, i.e. the Land Use of the plot in CDP shall be Residential (R) use;

b. The plot shall not be within Eco-Sensitive Zone, ASI/State Archaeology Protected/ Prohibited /Regulated area, areas where NOC required as
per Airports Authority of India (AAI) Colour Coded Zoning Map; and

c. The means of access along with storm-water drains have been laid down as per the approved layout plan; and

(iii) The plot owner shall submit requisite fees (fee for building, sanction fee and Construction Workers Welfare Cess) along with an undertaking/intimation of commencement of construction in Form-VI (A) as approved to ODA (P&BS) Rules, 2020 in BDA or BMC office, as the case may be.

(iv) After completion of the building, intimation of completion of construction in Form – VI (B) shall be submitted by the plot owner.

(v) If the building is not completed within three years of intimation, the applicant shall be required to deposit applicable revalidation fee and such revalidation fee and such revalidation shall be for another one year.

(vi) Any violation to the Standard Building Plan shall be considered as unauthorised or deviated constructions.

(i) All other provisions of Rule 6 of ODA (P&BS) Rules, 2020 shall be applicable.