Stay prepared for return of migrants: Odisha CM

Bhubaneswar: With the rising Covid-19 cases, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday directed the district Collectors to be prepared for return of the migrants.

Reviewing the Covid situation through video-conferencing, the Chief Minister asked the Collectors to reactivate the protocols immediately that were followed by the State government earlier on basis of the existing database of migrants.

He also directed officials to ramp up beds with oxygen system and stay prepared for all related accessories.

“Although there is no problem of beds and oxygen in the state currently still then we will have to remain prepared,” the CM said.

He said that the second wave of Covid infections has seriously affected many states.

The health system in some cities is under severe strain due to rapid increase in the Covid positive patients.The cases in Odisha also have been increasing in the last few days, he added.

 “Due to our alert preparedness and pro-active measures, we have been able to manage the situation to a large extent. However, we need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and ensure that every patient is treated with dignity and put in best efforts to save precious lives,” Patnaik said.

  Steps to be taken on priority:

  1.   Further increase in the number of beds in Covid Hospitals and Covid Care Centres across the State. Special focus should be on providing maximum possible number of beds with oxygen support. The system has to work on war-footing to ensure this within committed timelines.

2.   Our Oxygen supply situation has to be closely monitored and ensure that all related accessories at the hospital level are available on priority.

 3.   Many States are facing critical medicines shortage. Even though we have sufficient medicines stock, we must ensure buffer stock to tackle higher demand in coming weeks.

 4. IEC campaign has to be further ramped up. People have to be educated on the dangerous spread of the second wave and the need for active adherence to Covid protocols. The community, Mission Shakti group, PRI members should be actively involved in the process.

 5. The enforcement activities have to be continued to be implemented strictly across the state.

 6.   With lockdowns in seriously affected states, the Collectors should be prepared for the return of the migrants. The protocols followed earlier should be reactivated by the Collectors immediately based on the existing database.

The quarantine norm and testing should be ensured for all the returnees from other states. Senior officers assigned as observer and other responsibilities to put their best effort like last year.

 “I once again request the people of Odisha to please cooperate. We are facing grave danger and unless the people cooperate and act responsibly, it will be very difficult to tackle the situation. It is the interest of State and people that we should manage the covid situation without “lockdown”. Wearing mask and maintaining social distance will help us in this,” said the Chief Minister.