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BMC provides Covid vaccines to urban homeless

Bhubaneswar: Empowering special groups with jabs against COVID-19, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) under its continuing inclusive strategy, today provided vaccination for inmates of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUHs) across the capital city.

The drive started today with the directives from BMC Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Singh to cover the special category of citizens.

The exercise started in the morning today and covered Chandrasekshr Pur SUH in North Zone, Bhimpur and Ganga Nagar in South West Zone and Ashok Nagar SUH in South East zone, respectively. More than 120 people were vaccinated in today’s drive. 

“We have been adhering to an inclusive strategy to implement emergency initiatives. During the pandemic situation vaccination and testing for special groups has become the priority for BMC. In order to encourage their healthy living and guiding them to COVID appropriate behavior”, said the BMC Commissioner.

At about 9 am the drive started at CS Pur SUH in North Zone under the guidance of Additional Commissioner Laxmikanta Sethi and Zonal Deputy Commissioner Purandar Nanda.

A total number of 36 inmates have taken vaccine doses in the SUH. Likewise, two other zones have also vaccinated their respective SUH inmates.

In presence of Zonal Deputy Commissioner Ravi Narayan Jethi, people residing in Ganagnagar SUH under South West Zone started taking vaccines at 10 am along with some inmates from Bhimpur SUH, who were brought by special vehicles from their place. Vaccination of 50 persons was done in these SUHs. 

In South East Zone Ashok Nagar SUH, inmates were vaccinated in presence of Zonal Deputy Commissioner Anshuman Rath. The camp today vaccinated 25 inmates.

There are eight SUHs under BMC and each one is actively providing service to the target beneficiaries. The centers are equitably situated in places like Social Equity Centre at Kharvel Nagar and other SUHs at Baramunda Bus Stand, Ghatikia, Bhimpur, CS Pur, Ganga Nagar, Ashok Nagar and Kharvel Nagar.

However, all these can accommodate about 400 persons. During the lockdown and shutdown, 80 to 90 percent occupancy has been marked whereas the health-care issues of the inmates have been addressed abiding COVID protocols.

Vaccination in SUH will be over very soon in and each eligible beneficiary will be ensured his/her jab. During the pandemic if any inmate develops symptoms of COVID, testing is being done immediately. Today’s drive was coordinated by coordinator of Odisha Patita Udhaar Samiti Devi Matrumayee Priyadarsini and manager Priyambada Biswal.