Car festival organised in Rhodes Island of USA

Car festival organised in Rhodes Island of USA

Rhodes Island:  The tiniest State of the United States of America, Rhodes Island witnessed the 4th Car Festival of Lord Jagannath with much pomp, pleasure and splendor, recently.

Religious rituals as per the Vedic norms commenced from the morning with the guidance of main priest Somnath Shastri before the deities stationed at the Hindu temple in Warwick.

The worshipping, Homo, Nama Yagyan, upchara, Mangala Alati were performed in a solemn and ceremonial manner. The 0deities were taken in Pahandi procession to the aesthetically and colorfully decked up chariot.

The decoration was neatly done with minutest care by Sasmita Mishra in association with Deepak Raj and Saurav Mishra. The entire atmosphere got reverberated with the chanting of hymns, roaring of slogans like Hari bol and Jai Jagannath, sounding of hulahuli, blowing off conch and playing of musical instruments such a ghanta, kartala, Mardala, Jhanja and Mrudanga.

The highlight of the celebration was the Pahandi of Goddess Subhadra being performed exclusively by ladies. Chandrashekhar Mohanty conducted the traditional service of sweeping before the Chariots called Chhera Pahanra.

The scene of the majestic presence of supreme God Lord Jagannath, His elder brother Lord Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and Lord Sudarshan on the chariot was simply unique. Their auspicious glance carries pure bliss in soul and ethereal peace in mind.

Around 150 devotees gathered during the occasion had a holy glimpse of Gods and Goddess from the chariot.  The participants of the Festival include an American yoga group, Hindu temple members, Hindu and Odia families settled in New England Region. The whole ambiance was agog with pious and spiritual fervour.

Around 12:30 PM amidst the devotional renderings of Kirtan, recital of Bhajans, Jananas, the chariot was pulled till one and a half kilometre distance in the city and then pulled back to the temple premises.

The miracle happened when in spite of Met department’s prediction of heavy rainfall during Rath yatra time, not a single drop of water fell from Indra Dev, while the Lord of the universe was on his Royal Sojourn at Grand Road.