e-Shram portal registration

e-Shram Portal: Registration for unorganised workers

New Delhi: Minister for Labour and Employment Bhupender Yadav today formally launched e-Shram portal and handed it over to the States/UTs.

The e-Shram portal will cover all unorganised workers of the nation and help link them to social security schemes of the Government of India. The portal will prove to be a huge boost for the last-mile delivery of services.

It aims to be a single-point reference that will help authorities to reach out and track the unorganised workers and offer welfare in times of crisis.

More than 38 crore unorganised workers (UW) in the country will be registered under one portal and the registration under the e-SHRAM portal is totally free and workers do not have to pay anything for his or her registration at Common Service Centres(CSCs) or anywhere.

“For the first time in the History of India, a system is being made to register 38 crore Unorganised Workers. It will not only register them but would also be helpful in delivering of various social security schemes being implemented by the Central and State Governments”, said the Labour Minister.

Registration under E-Shram portal

State Government needs to mobilize workers for registration on the E-Shram portal and use the data in the delivery of various social security schemes. State and district level committees to be set up.

A State Level Monitoring Committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary of the State, will supervise and monitor the progress in the State and take appropriate action for achieving the target.

eSHRAM card

Upon registration, the workers shall be issued a eSHRAM card with unique Universal Account Number (UAN) and will be able to access the benefits of the various social security schemes through this Card anywhere anytime.

Accidental benefits under e-SHRAM portal

If a worker is registered on the eSHRAM portal and meets with an accident, he will be eligible for Rs 2.0 Lakh on death or permanent disability and Rs 1.0 lakh on partial disability and government is always committed for the welfare of the workers.