Watch: This outfit turns Urfi Javed nagin! Rakhi Sawant reacts wow

Urfi Javed is well-known for her eccentric fashion choices. Urfi Javed, who is famous for posting hot and bold photographs of her on social media, recently posted a video of herself dressed in her signature style.

The actress took to Instagram this time to show how this outfit makes her feel like a nagin (cobra). “See the video till the end to see the entire look! This look made me feel like a nagin,” she said in the caption section.

While her out was designed by Megha Kapoor Label, her hair make up was done by Mona’s Hair & beauty.

As soon as she dropped the video, it went viral with in no time. In the video the actress can be seen showing off her dress and earring.

The actress also flaunts her perfect sexy curve in the video.

Her fans showered her with love and gratitude in the form of likes and comments, and the video quickly became viral. The fashion police on social media, on the other hand, did not approve of her choice of clothing this time, and they left some rude and harsh comments on the post.