Watch viral video: Girl vandalises shop for not getting onion with ‘Kachori’

A video of a girl creating ruckus for not getting onion with ‘kachori’ on social media has gone viral.

In the video, the girl can be seen fighting with a street vendor, slapping him and when she gets angry, his bicycle along with all the belongings also vandalised.

Now all this is happening only because the seller did not give onion to the girl along with the food. It is seen in the viral video that the girl demands onions from the vendor.
The seller tells that the onion has finished. The girl got angry on this matter and abused him. On the other hand, when the man asks for money, the girl abused him.
Seeing the girl fighting, some other costumers try to pacify her. But in a fit of rage, that girl does not listen to anyone and starts speaking to them in reverse.

The girl also angrily kicked the man’s bicycle.
Seeing this, the people standing there also oppose it, but the girl does not listen to anyone and keeps refusing to give money.

Now the person who is making this video, the girl is also seen threatening him.
Watch the video here: