holi songs 2022

Holi songs 2022: Add these Bollywood numbers during celebration

Holi songs 2022:

Holi is a much-cherished festival in India. Rather, any festival is cherished in India, but Holi holds a special place in the hearts of the common people. Maybe it is because of its literally colourful nature, or the opportunity it presents to gorge on a wide range of sweets and of course, to taste the Bhang.

Add these five songs during your Holi celebration:

People celebrate Holi by splashing water and smearing each other with colours, which is also known as ‘Gulal’. Children enjoy the day by playing with water balloons and water guns. Parties are hosted by people where they dance to popular Holi songs. Therefore, we decided to treat you with some Holi Songs that you can play this year.