Odisha records 49% growth in GST collection for FY 21-22

Bhubaneswar: Continuing with the high growth trend in GST collection, the Gross GST collection of Odisha during March ’22 has been recorded at Rs 4124.66 crore as against Rs 3285.29 crore during March ’21,registering a growth of 26% which is the highest growth rate amongst all the major states in the country.

The collection of OGST during the month of March ‘22 was Rs 1351.25 crore against Rs 954.62 crore during March’21 with a growth rate of 42%. The collection of Rs 1351.25 crore during March ‘22 is also the highest ever collection of OGST by the state in a month since the inception of GST.

The Gross GST collection for the year 2021-22 is Rs 44334.67 crore against Rs 29852.76 crore for the financial year 2020-21 with a growth of 49%. The corresponding collection for 2019-20 was Rs 29686.32 crore.

The OGST collection for financial year 2021-22 is Rs 12743.01 crore as against Rs 8292.15 crore collected till March ’21 with growth rate of 54%. The corresponding collection up-to March ’20 was Rs 8722 crore.

There is a collection of Rs 1109.85 crore in CGST, Rs 1003.47 cr in IGST and 660.09 crore in Cess during March ‘22.

Growth in GST is mostly driven by mining and manufacturing sectors. Amongst the top 100 taxpayers, while mining sector witnessed a growth of 81%, manufacturing sector recorded 84% growth during this year. Similarly, service sector, trading and works contract sector have witnessed growth of 56.78%, 52.07% and 36.99% in the current FY over the corresponding period of last year.

The total collection of VAT (Petrol & Liquor) is Rs 1687.72 crore during March ’22 as against Rs 1559.51 crore during March ‘21 with growth rate of 8.22%. Out of the above, collection from Petroleum Products is Rs 1257.04 crore while collection from liquor is Rs 430.67 crore during March ’22.

The collection from VAT for the entire year 2021-22 is Rs 9954.91 crore including Rs 2093.70 crore from liquor against Rs 7756.74 crore collected previous year witnessing a growth of 28.34%.