This is what Sanjana Galrani says about parenthood

Bollywood actress Sanjana Galrani took to Instagram to share an emotional post on how life has changed after she chose to embrace parenthood.

“Life becomes different & difficult when we look at embracing parenthood after being in the showbiz for a span of 18 years almost .. in the start a actress has to put her own career ,body ,fitness regime ,physical appearance & her own life in the back burner,” she said in a long caption.

“Having done more than 50 films, several TV shows .. attending events, inaugurations in all 4 south languages travelling both nationally and internationally all the time with one leg on earth and another in the flight with 10-15 flights and 3-4 Diffrent cities in one given month came to me naturally all these years … I have been shuttling b/w different cities & living out of a suitcase from the age of 18 .. Followed by it was high time I started my family life as now am 35,” she said.

“Therefore understanding how many different difficult situations I’m going through in the last 2 years … it has been a significant challenge to just withdraw & the life style change I initially went through also use to put me into downers.. the craving for me to travel & film had only increased … as much as im also suffering with an acute lower back pain issue simultaneously because of a 18 kilo weight gain . But how ever I diverted my mind & I kept my self busy with activities of planting trees in my neighbourhood , we planted 40 saplings converting the ground to fertile land by adding potent soil & manure , And planting baby trees and I have appointed volunteers to nurture the plants to from @sanjjanaafoundation,” she further said.

Apart from that being active on the social media has been a full time job these days …And finally as I enter in the final month of my pregnancy & im enjoying both sides of religions born as a Hindu & being married into a Muslim family. This time We celebrated my baby showers with lots of obattu & Manglore style yummy ghee roast sea food as its my favourite cuisine in South Indian style, she said. Now we are preparing for a grand mutton biryani party “ per – baby showers” with near & dear once in a ceremony in my husband’s traditional Muslim style post Ramzan, she concluded.