Private bus strike called off in Odisha

Good News! Bus fares reduced in Odisha

What could be a good news for passengers of Odisha, the bus fares have been decreased across the state.

The fares have been reduced due to decreasing fuel price.

“Due to decrease of HSD price, bus fare have been decreased as per automatic mechanism,” informed Debendra Kumar Sahoo, General Secretary, AOBOA.

1. Ordinary Fare decreased from 92paisa to 89paisa.

2. Express Fare decreased from 96paisa to 93paisa.

3. Deluxe Fare decreased from 1.35paisa to 1.29paisa.

4. A. C. Deluxe Fare decreased from 1.63paisa to 1.57paisa.

5. Super Premium fare decreased from Rs. 2.53paisa to Rs. 2.44paisa.