Bengaluru celebrates World Rasagola Day  

World Rasagola Day was celebrated in Bengaluru with much enthusiasm and super excitement.

To mark the occasion a special ceremony was organised by 56 Bhog Outlet at its premises in Agara circle of the Mega City. Around 2000 Rasagolas of different varieties like Pahala, Gud And White were specifically prepared in traditional Ananda Bazar style of Puri and  were distributed among the invited Guests during the celebration.

Hundreds of visitors had consumed and enjoyed the delicious recipe and well appreciated the high quality of the stuff.

Thanking all the participants for the massive success of the Event the Main Host Founder cum Proprietor of the Establishment ,Hara Prasad Mohapatra announced that 56 Bhog shall continue to carry on its Mission And Endeavour to propagate, promote and popularise original and authentic foods of Odisha in Bengaluru.