CUO organizes Three Day First Aid Training’ programme

A ‘Three Day First Aid Training’ programme for security personnel was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor I/c., Prof. S. K. Palita at the Central University of Odisha on 15 July 2022. The training program was jointly organized by the Central University of Odisha and St. John Ambulance, Odisha. On this occasion, Dr. Sanant Patnaik, Secretary cum Commissioner and  Dr. P. K. Mohapatra, Training Officer of St. John Ambulance, Odisha attended as the Chief Guest and Chief speaker respectively. Suprabhat Sarangi, District Project Officer; Prof. Asit Kumar Das, Registrar and K. Kosala Rao, Finance Officer attended as the Guest of Honour. Pradeep Kumar Samantray, Security Officer coordinated the programme and delivered the welcome address.

Prof. Palita highlighted the value and importance of First Aid skills. He said “the first aid skills can be applied in the home, the workplace or in public places. So, the more First Aid trained people there are in an institution, the safer that institution becomes”. He urged the security staff to learn the skills of first aid in the three days training programme which can save life and avert any untoward disaster/accident in the University campus as and when any emergency takes place.

Dr. Patnaik emphasized on the need of first aid skills to save human life in every incident anywhere in the society. He said “we are trying to train people from village level of Odisha where they can provide first aid treatment to the injured persons in their locations”. He urged the creation of a first aid brigade in every district. To lead the first aid training in the Koraput district he nominated Pradeep Samntray, Security Officer of CUO as the Honorary Joint Secretary of Sr. John Ambulance for Koraput District.

Dr. Mahapatra highlighted the reasons and objectives of the establishment of St. John Ambulance in the United Kingdom and later established in India. He hoped the security staff of the University would lead the first aid skills in the region. Prof. Asit Kumar Das, Registrar and K. Kosala Rao, Finance Officer of the University appreciated the support extended by the St. John Ambulance to provide training on first aid to the University. Along with other staff Dr. Phagunath Bhoi, Public Relations Officer was present on this occasion. The Medical Officer of the University Dr. Veera Prasad extended the vote of thanks.

Ganesh Barik, Master Trainer of St. John Ambulance will conduct the three-day training on First Aid for Security staff of the University.  In the first batch, 25 security persons will be trained and they will provide the first aid service in the entire region of Koraput. The training will be continued further for the next batch.