Lady software engineer death: Soumyajit ignored Sweta Utkal Kumari’s last call!

The call detail records (CDR) of lady software engineer Sweta Utkal Kuamri, who was found hanging in an apartment, revealed that she had made several attempts to call her boyfriend Soumyajit Mohaptra before taking the extreme step.

According to police sources, Sweta had dialled Soumyajit for several times on Friday night, before committing suicide. However, he (Soumyajit) hadn’t answered the calls. She called Soumyajit for the last time at around 1.30 am on Friday, but Soumyajit had ignored the call.

Meanwhile, the Commissionerate Police is likely to summon notice to Soumyajit Mohapatra for questioning. The cops are expected to question Soumyajit to find out the exact reason why Sweta took the extreme step.