Utteraswar Ghata Dasaha Tutha facilities for citizens soon

Bhubaneswar :In a meeting in BMC today MayorSulochana Das has handed over the charges of Utteraswar Ghat Dasah Tutha platform to Brahmana.
Nijoga Samiti in presence of Minister SSEPD Ashok Chandra Panda.
The Ghat activities of Dasah Karma will be maintained by the Samiti where per Karma they will charge rupees 2000 to the stakeholders.

In case of BPL family or Brahmana Nijoga Samiti it will be rupees 1000. Plan of action will be prepared soon to provide service to the citizens.

Other dignitaries present were Corporator Nrupesh Nayar, Sivaprasad Behera and Biranchi Narayan Mahasupakar, City Er. BMC were present.